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Homework Help: Relative motion

  1. Oct 24, 2015 #1

    I have the following exercise, and I would like you to say to me if I have it right and how to proceed:

    "A particle P moves with constant speed v along the X axis of a reference system O, being x0 = 0 the position in t = 0. Describe the movement on another system O' with the same origin of coordinates and rotating with angular velocity constant ω in the sense clockwise."


    I have tried to solve as follows:


    So far, is my point correct?

    Now, I had thought find the acceleration:

    Is it correct?

    Thank you!
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    Why don't you just differentiate again?
    But I'm not sure what the question is asking for. Isn't your expression for r' an adequate description? Do you need to find the velocity and acceleration vectors?
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    Thank you!

    Eventually I realized I could differentiate again. I believed that in this case I need to apply Coriolis and centrifugal acceleration, but I was reading and saw that could also solve in this way a moment ago.
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