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Relative permittivity of a semiconductor material

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    http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/156708/can-the-relative-permittivity-of-a-semiconductor-material-be-lower-than-1 [Broken]

    To measure the relative permittivity of a p-type semiconductor material (a metal phthalocyanine ) , a M-S-M structure was made by thermal evaporation method. The capacitance was measured by a LCR meter at room temperature under the frequency of 1 kHz and the thickness of semiconductor layer and active area of our sample were known .{ C=ε_r ε0 A/d }this equation was used to calculate the ε_r.

    but the calculated value was lower than one!!! about 0.000035

    I think that our LCR meter must be defective.

    what do you think?
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    Its almost definitely higher than 1. How valid is the assumption that the M-S-M structure behaves like a parallel plate capacitor? How does the I-V characteristic of the device look? What do you know about the interface between the metal and the semiconductor i.e. are the built in potentials?
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