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Series filter

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    I'm having problems filtering out certain frequencies from others with a series LC filter. I have a 1.923 Henry DC filter choke inductor set in series with a 0.1 micro Farad capacitor. I send the signal through the inductor to the capacitor and output from the other side of the capacitor. I'm getting no resonance, no voltage gain and no current output. What am I doing wrong?
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    Hi idea04-
    I show two filters with the component values you are using. What kind of filter do you want, series filter, or T (shunt) filter?
    Bob S

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    To get voltage gain from a series tuned circuit, it needs to be set up as in the attached diagram.

    I estimate it would resonate at about 363 Hz.

    The 10 ohm resistor is necessary to complete a high current path through the series circuit.

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