Sharing files between Operating Systems

  1. I currently have Windows XP on hda and Ubuntu on hdb, so what is the best/easiest way to share files between the two? Gracie!
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    Easiest: sftp

    Just run the ssh deamon on ubuntu and then use putty on windows to get the file from the server and vice versa. It will take all of two seconds to setup.

    More Convinient: samba

    Takes a little work. Must be enabled in the kernel. Windows will see the linux box as another drive. The linux box will see windows as a drive.

    Here is a tutorial for samba:
  4. Thanks dduardo I will check those out!
  5. It sounds like the two OS's are running on the same system so running putty/windows and ssh/Linix at the same time will be tough.

    Under Linux you can mount NTFS or FAT file systems(FAT is much easier) I don't recall the details though--I banished Windows a long time ago.

    Google "mounting windows XP under Linux" and I'm sure the procedure will pop up.

    Good luck.
  6. Also, you can read/write to FAT under Linux, but only read NTFS. Under Windows, you can access files from Linux with Explore2fs, if your Linux partition uses ext2 or ext3. Not sure if there's a similar program for ReiserFS or other filesystems.
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    Wow, I was out of it. I thought he had two completely seperate systems.

    faust9, your completely right. Creating a fat32 partition would be the easiest way to transfer files between the two partitions.

    sorry about that mattmns. I was a little :zzz:
  8. Hmmm, ok I will now check that out :smile:
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