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Simple Computer modelling - Software suggestions

  1. Sep 18, 2006 #1
    Hello all, i have a small dilema. Im intrested in computer simulation for engineering and design purposes.

    I am currently evaluating as many of the available ( and free or accessible to joe public ) applications/software systems for engineering simulations and dynamics, with the aim of possibly writing my own in the future.

    The problem i am currently facing is one of what i should focus on most, i would like to start with simple newtonian mechanics and dynamics initially and expand later.

    I am fond of visual methods and would like to be able to visually display multi-body dynamics and systems but would rather use existing visualisation software than develop my own rendering engine etc. Though i am considering it anyway.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on available open source or free/available visualisation software that i can interface my own code with? And/Or any software packages that do a similar thing that i can evaluate?.

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    i would suggest you to go to sourceforge.net and search for keywords like "EDA", "physics java", "physics c++", etc. often times, the site may help you to focus on your search than google when it comes to open source apps.

    what programming language do you use, btw?
    imho, there are lots of libraries you could use than writing you own engine from scratch.
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    C++ mainly, but im flexible.
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