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Homework Help: Simple physics

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    Describe the energy changes involved when the vehicle is accelerating along the horizontal road.

    I don't know what are the energy changes during the process. Thanks.
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    When you speak of an object in motion, it has Kinetic Energy associated with it.
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    I suggest you think deeply about the problem, starting from asking a few questions. A few questions always leads to a few answers, and inevitably much more questions (ad infinitum, but such is the nature of learning). I would start by asking myself; how is the car even moving at all? Of course, thats an easy one to answer, because I put gas into it. But how does gas help me in understanding how the vehicle moves? Well, that's easy too, the gas gets turned into the kinetic energy of the car via the engine (energy by virtue of the cars motion.) Then you can follow that up with another question being, why must i hold down the pedal to keep the car at a constant speed, since the car keeps slowing down by itself? This involves another energy change, and i'm sure you can figure it out.
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