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Homework Help: Simple problem. Depth of well providing sound reaches you in 1.5 second.

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    I was wondering you someone could help me with an alternative way of solving this problem. Just to help my algebra a bit.
    You drop a rock down a well. Find the depth of the well providing the sound of the splash reaches you in 1.5 seconds.

    First off, we know speed of sound is 343 m/s.
    Here are my equations:
    t1+t2=1.5 s t1 is time for rock to hit bottom t2 is time for sound to reach your ears.
    x=.5*a*t^2 -> x=4.9*t1^2
    v=x/t -> x=343*t2

    Now I sub the last 2 equations to get:
    Now we sub. for t2:
    From here we can reduce, and solve with the quadratic formula.

    I was wondering how you would solve the equation, if you sub. for t1 instead of t2. This would make the equation:
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    Doc Al

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    It's just another quadratic equation. Multiply out the term on the right (do the square) and put it into standard form.
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