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Snell's law of refraction problem

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    Hello everyone,

    I am reviewing for a test tomorrow, and I seem to have come across what would seem like an easy problem, but its answer has eluded me for the time being. I am hoping you guys can help.

    Horizontal rays of red light (660nm in a vacuum) and violet light (410nm in a vacuum) are incident on the flint-glass prism showin in the drawing. The indices of refraction fro the red and violet light are 1.662 and 1.698 respectively. What is the angle of refraction for each ray as it emerges from the prism?

    The answers are 32.8* for the red and 33.6 for the violet. I just don't know how to arrive (correctly) at these answers.

    *Image shows a right triangle, with angles 19* and 71*. The right angle and the 71* angle compose the base.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Doc Al

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    Re: prisms

    Review Snell's law of refraction:
    n1sinθ1 = n2sinθ2
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