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Solenoid Field Problem

  1. Oct 9, 2009 #1
    Given a solenoid we can find the field inside and at the ends by B=urNI.
    Now, what is the field strength at some x -axial distance away from the solenoid?
    What force will this field impart on a piece of iron?
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    That equation assumes that the solenoid is infinite, in which case the field outside the solenoid is zero. For a finite length solenoid, it is a more difficult problem but one that has ben studied previously I am sure.
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    Leave the problem for finite length solenoid now, Born2bwire.
    Even if we calculate the field Strength B, what force will it impart on a piece of iron?
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    What is the context of your question?
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    I am just asking two elementary questions
    1. What is the magnetic field strength at any given point on the axial line of a finite length current carrying solenoid.
    2. What force will a piece of iron experience if it is placed at the point where magnetic filed strength is say 10 tesla.
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