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Homework Help: Some Questions

  1. Dec 6, 2005 #1
    1. Why does the dissolution of NH4NO3 happen if the ∆H is 28.1? I'm supposed to be detailed with an equation, and explaining spontaneity.

    Does it happen because of the energy created from protonation?

    2. And why is only a strong base able to make H3PO4 act as an acid after the 3rd acid dissociation?

    Is it because it is electronically unfavorable?
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    1) at constant temperature and pressure what concept relates to sponaneity (depends on both entropy and enthalpy of process).

    2)In terms of a base, how strong is PO4^2- compared to H2PO4^-1? What is the Arrehnius concept of an acid base neutralization in perspective of the conjugate acid/bases?
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