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Sources of errors on Determinating Faraday's Constant experiment

  1. Apr 20, 2006 #1
    Give three sources of error in your calculation in Part B. Which of these contributions the greatest source of error? Explain.

    In part B i did 6 steps in determination of Faraday's Constant.

    1. I marked two copper strips (to distinguish them) and weigh them

    2. Attach these to the alligator clips of your apparatus

    3. Half fill a 150 ml beaker with 0.1M CuSO4 solution; insert the copper strips into the solution and begin timing.

    4. Read the ammeter and record the value every thirty seconds for fifteen minutes.

    5. Disconnect the alligator clips, allow the electrodes to sit for a minute, then rinse them. Allow to dry on a paper towel and reweigh.

    6. Perform the appropriate calculations.

    I believe that the greastest source of error is too rub the electrodes dry I think that would change your calculations on the weight of the copper strips.

    second would be inaccurate measurements.

    third would be contamination on glassware
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