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Specific heat capacity for a monocromatic gas

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    is there another way of considering the specific heat capaciaty of a material (many gas) other than with respect to the number of degrees of freedom with gives a constant out put for all monocrmatic gases for all temperature and pressure.

    For a monocromatic gas c=(3/2)*n*R*m

    where m = mass of particle
    n = number of moles
    R = gas constant

    Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Are you looking for just a microscopic representation or macroscopic? There are several ways of modeling a substance's specific heat that does vary with temperature and state. Unfortunately I don't know the science behind this (Im just an engineer) for the microscopic point of view only the macro.
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    See Einstein and Debye plus heat capacity.
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    The heat capacity is only a constant value after and beyond reaching a certain temperature. At low temperatures, the value of the heat capacity rapidly drops off towards zero due to quantum effects. As someone mentioned see the Einstein/Debye explanation for more.
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    can anyone recommend the best place to llok the einstein debye explanation & formulas up please?
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