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Standard table of integrals?

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    I really struggle to integrate this fraction expression:

    [tex] \int \frac{2}{4x^2+1}[/tex]
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    Re: Integration

    I presume you're familiar with the standard table of integrals?


    Here's a list of many common ones, see if you can get it into the right form for one of them.

    If you have to work this out by hand, consider using a trigonometric substitution, but choose carefully.

    (Hint: the relationship 1 + x^2 = sec^2 for x = tan x)
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    Re: Integration

    Yes, I'm fimiliar with some the of standard table of integrals. I think I just change the equation above in the form
    [tex] \int \frac{1}{x^2+a^2}[/tex] where a is an integer, so that the integration of the equation would likely be
    [tex] \frac{1}{a} arctan(x/a) [/tex]

    But I'm not sure if I've done it right.
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    Re: Integration

    You chose the right one, try to get it into a form like that.
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    Re: Integration

    Thank you for helping me :D
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