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Homework Help: Steady State output for Wave Input

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    1. Problem Statement
    Find the steady state output yss(t) for the input u(t)=t-π in terms of an infinite sum of sinusoids.
    We are given the transfer function as:
    2. Relevant Equations

    G(i) = ...
    |G(ik)| = ...
    Φ(ik) = ... (this is the angle)
    yss(t) = βk||G(ik)|ei(kt+Φ(ik)) ***check that this is the correct formula please***

    3. Attempt at Solution
    I've found the following:
    |G(ik)| = 199549-3d8b3d65837a235ecb2c36e83fa44816.png (Any tips/tricks on how to input fractions/square roots into PF would be greatly appreciated...)
    Φ(ik) = 199551-ccce8e83197e676283b3561ae3b6c3be.png

    Previously, the Fourier Series expansion was found, and is: the sum from 1 to infinity of Σ-2sin(kt)/k

    I know that these values are right. However, I don't fully understand how to incorporate them into the steady state formula (assuming that my formula is correct)
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    Use the fact that ##\sin\theta = \frac{e^{i\theta}-e^{-i\theta}}{2i}##.
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