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Stress tensor

  1. Nov 1, 2015 #1
    We have a cube with sides of 10mm (fig a) (in the same material than the exercice 1 (have poisson coef & young's modulus)

    A- figure A
    1- Write the stress state and the relatives values deformations (tensor)

    2- Why the sum of relatives deformation is equal to 0?

    B-Figure B
    The cube is placed in a indeformable plate where a housing was realised inside. His dimension are on the figure B. The cube is already comprimed.
    1- Thx to the results of A1, the x,y faces will be in contact with x,y, housing?
    2- If we do the hypothesis of contact, determine the stress state and relatives values of deformation of thus cube.
    3- What can you note analysing deformations.

    C- The cube is comprimed with 0.6MPa but here is no space between the cube and the housing. write the tensor of deformation without calculus.

    Well, sorry for my Bad english...

    Where am I?
    1)For me all stress values are equal to 0 except σzz= -0.6MPa? True ? i'm not sure cause σ=F/A=0.6/100 ? and deformation=σ/Young modulus ?

    2)I didn't have to do more on this exercise. I won't have answers, i will try to do it this afternoon. But if you can give advices to know where i can start on the different questions, it can be good.

    Thx a lot to read,and to give me your time.

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    Sorry, I'm unable to understand your English, so I can't be of much help. But, for the case shown in figure A, is the Poisson ratio equal to 1/2?

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