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Homework Help: Stumped again: Water flow speed Q

  1. Sep 26, 2004 #1
    I've struggled with this since this morning with hardly any progress.
    "There is a level pipe filled with water flowing through it. Branching off from this pipe are two pipes going perpendicularly upward, with a cross sectional area Sa, Sb, respectively, and there being a difference in water height of h. Find the water flow speed at points A and B."

    Since no figures are given, I guess the answer is an equation. I also assume A and B are the points in the main pipe where the branches are.

    Since the pressure should (i think) be equal in both branch pipes, even if their diameters are not the same, could A = [Sa(h)]/(Sb-Sa) and B = [Sb(h)]/(Sb-Sa)?

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    shouldn't the presser in the pipe that goes higher be less due to the need to overcome gravity for a longer period of time?
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