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Suggestions to begin study communication and digital signal processing

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    Hi,I am a graduate student, want to transfer from physics to electrical engineering to study communication and digital signal processing , till now I don't know so much about that.

    Next semester, I will be a Teaching Assistant in Electrical engineering for the first year.each semester I must choose at least three courses.
    I don't know which courses I should begin.
    Could you give me some suggestions?

    Thank you very much!
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    Are you asking which 1st year EE courses you should try to TA in, or are you asking which upper division EE courses you should take first in pursuit of your communication/DSP EE work?

    If (a), then I'd suggest TA'ing in the more physics-related EE courses, like E&M.

    If (b), then I would think that you should start with the EE coursework that you haven't seen much as a Physics student -- stuff like digital and analog circuit design, etc. DSP is pretty independent of circuit design, so you can jump in and start taking those classes right away, I would think. You'll also want to pick up some probability classes soon, as background for the communication theory classes.

    BTW, I really like the DSP book, "Designing Digital Filters" by Williams. It's a good self-study book, and covers DSP and filters in a very understandable and practical way. I'd recommend getting the book now to study through the summer.
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    Thanks for reponse!
    My case is (b), I will take courese in electrical engineering
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