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Summer school or research project in Europe

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    I plan to either attend summer class or do some research this summer between my first and second undergraduate year in physics. I live in France and cannot travel to US for some ecological reasons.

    Let's consider that my budget is unlimited, that my main interest is pure theoretical physics: general relativity, quantum mechanic. What are the possible summer schools/research position for undergraduate?

    Despite many hours with Google I only find Ulrecht Summer School to be attractive (challenging enough).

    Thank you!
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    Ask your professors if they have any projects you can contribute you, or if they have connections with someone who might be willing to take you on. Keep in mind that your interests probably do not align with your current abilities - chances are good you would not be able to usefully contribute to any of those fields. But you might find someone willing to let you work in their lab, so you should take that if you can. A good recommendation from them will help you get a better position next year.
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