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The second law efficiency of compressor in gas turbine cycle

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    hi friends,
    I've used the following equation in Thermodynamics: an engineering approach(Cengel) for calculating exergy efficiency of compressor. In fact, for an adiabatic compressor with negligible kinetic
    and potential energies, the second-law(exergy) efficiency becomes:



    where (Si) is flow exergy for Control volume( or various steady-flow device).
    I calculated by assuming ideal gas and have temperatures inlet and outlet compressor(experimental data) and using EES software.

    Now, with this formulation, exergy efficiency of compressor increase with increasing pressure ratio and inlet compressor temperature. But ,I do not know why it is!!!!....or is it(variation of efficiency with respect to pressure ratio and inlet compressor temperature) correct?
    in other word,I want to know that how to change the second law thermodynamics efficiency (exergy efficiency) of compressor with respect to compressor ratio and inlet compressor temperature?
    Is it increases? or decreases?why?

    Do you have any articles in this regard?

    thanks for your guide and help,


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