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The universe is flat?

  1. Jun 15, 2010 #1
    Alright last post by me for a while, I'm kind of spamming this forum.

    I was watching a lecture by some big time astronomer last year (can't recall his name or the link) and he was saying that there are many models for the universe, including flat, hyperbolic paraboloid, spherical, and a few other models.

    He stated that the most leaned-toward model is currently the flat universe, because it is the only model in which all energy, mass, and matter added together is equal to zero. Wouldn't a spherical model also have a net energy-mass equilibrium of zero also? Is this a correct statement by this lecturer?

    I think if you search "why we aren't special" it might come up on youtube or google. He was emphasizing on that a lot in his lecture.

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