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Thermodynamics: Unsteady Flow (Charging) Process

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    Please see the attached photo.

    I am not sure how to proceed. I do not know Mi or M2, nor do I have enough information to determine the temperature at point two (when the valve is closed). Any help getting me going along will be much appreciated. :)

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    Hi afpskierx,

    Have you find the [itex]u_2[/itex] by doing interpolation? I got the answer for [itex]u_2[/itex] = 3047.35 kJ/kg

    At state 1, I don't quite understand with the question which stated that that mass of saturated mixture of water is 12kg.

    So, I assume the quality, x = mass of vapour / total mass. You will get 7.2kg for your mass of vapour.

    At state 2 (which is the [itex]P_2[/itex] = 400kPa and [itex]T_2[/itex] = 450 C) I assume it SUPERHEATED VAPOUR seems the [itex]T_2[/itex] larger than saturated temperature.

    I just can help for what I wrote above. Otherwise, I'll try come out for the full solution later.
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    What did you use to look up u2? The only thing we know about it is that its quality is one (it is a saturated vapor).
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    can you PM me your e-mail address? I'll send to you slides for your reference. Thanks :)
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