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Too many programs running in background

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    I have windows me

    would somebody plz tell me how to check and see what programs are running in the background on my pc?

    also how to get rid of extra stuff I'm not using in the task bar. I close them but next time I reboot they're all right back again. I looked in the startup menu to take them out, but nothing is there.

    and what is the difference between RAM and memory??
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    Did you try Ctrl+Alt+Delete?
    You can take a look at http://netsquirrel.com/msconfig/. There's a link in the article to http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php [Broken], which is very helpful.
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    There should be a startup tab where you can disable any programs that start at boot.


    Memory is just the generic term. Anything that can store information is memory.

    RAM is a specific type of memory. In terms of speed it is slower than cache but faster than your hard drive.

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    when I Ctrl+Alt+Delete a box comes up with a list in it.. are all those the progs that are running? Here they are:

    Avgemc (avg antivirus)
    Avgcc ( something else to do with avg I guess)
    Propelac ( propell accelerator)
    Loadgm (don't know what it is)
    Weather (weatherbug)
    Systray ( something that's necessary)
    Acbtnmgr_x83 (don't know what it is but have a lexmark 83 printer/scanner/copier)
    Printray ( something to do with the printer I assume)
    Carpserv (don't know what it is)
    Acmonitor_x83 (the monitor, I assume)

    I use the printer frequently sometimes and sometimes not at all... does it have to be in startup to operate when I need it?

    THANKS for all the neat and helpful sites!!! :)
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    Does Ctrl+Alt+Delete open 'Program Manager' or 'Task Manager'?

    You can look up anything in the list at http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php [Broken]. It will tell you what the task does and give recommendations for what to do with it (keep, remove, etc.).
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    it doesn't specify what it is. A box comes up that says at the top: 'close program' and the list of progs is in a window. at the bottom is says: 'WARNING: pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete again will restart your computer.... "

    I checked out that site and almost none of the progs listed are on my list.
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    Okay, I guess that's Program Manager. I don't know and couldn't find much about it - I've never had ME and don't remember older versions. According to http://ezinearticles.com/?Troubleshoot-Windows-with-Task-Manager&id=1036, Program Manager doesn't list or allow you to do as much as Task Manager, which comes with other versions. But you can download task manager programs if you really want one. Or there may be another way to access the information. I'll check in a bit.

    Edit: No, I couldn't find anything. Maybe someone else knows. If not, you can always download one of the free utilities - or buy one.

    :biggrin: That's just the first page. You have to search for your processes or browse alphabetically. The search may not return results if the names are a little different. If this happens, browse alphabetically. For instance, here's the http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php?filter=Avgemc [Broken].
    You can also try http://www.answersthatwork.com/Tasklist_pages/tasklist.htm or just google for them.
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  9. Jul 30, 2005 #8
    thak 4 tell us
    i noe why last time my com
    have virus
    bcz i let adware to came in !!
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