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Turn cubic zirconia into glass?

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    Can you make glass out of cubic zirconia, like you can with sapphire?
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    It would no longerbe cubic zirconia if you did, the cubic part refers to the crystal structure of the material. You can make a glass out of many materials (including pure metals) if you can cool it sufficiently enough. Have a look at the glass transition.
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    If Wikipedia is to be believed, sapphire glass is not a glass, but a crystal. The crystalline structure of corundum is preserved. The (German) entry 'Saphir' is more categorical in that point: Die Bezeichnung ist irref├╝hrend, da Saphirglas kein Glas ist. Saphirglas besitzt eine kristalline und keine glasartige (amorphe) Struktur.
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    Good point, sapphire is a crystalling transparent oxide with a large band gap (~9 eV), rather than a true glass.
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