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Aquarium fish tank: Glass material alternatives

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    Can there be alternative materials for Aquarium fish tank instead of glass?

    Example : Stainless steel, Aluminium Plastic, Concrete etc

    If yes, which materials can be evaluated?
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    Do you need the walls to be transparent?
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    Both options can be evaluated.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant S Akerkar
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    What options are you referring to? Please try to write more than five words in your posts.
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    Both options to be evaluated for constructing Aquarium fish tank as a alternative to Glass material.

    1 Transparent material
    2 Non Transparent material

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prashant S Akerkar
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    I don't understand what you want. Can a non-glass material be used as a fist tank? Of course. I have a bucket in my shed that I can use as a fish tank. This is such a trivial question that I can't fathom why it even needed to be asked, so I have to assume that there's more to this question than you're telling us. Please elaborate on your question. Are you making a large fish tank with specific structural requirements, or are you just wanting to put some fish in a tank on your shelf at home? Or something else? Without knowing more details we can't help you.
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    As a former professional fish raiser (for research purposes), I have seen fish containers made out of;
    numerous plastics
    liners with any of a number of support materials to hold it up
    clay lined holes in the ground

    The thing is that to be successful, you have to have things sized properly for the fish and you should check you materials for toxic effects on the fish (some can be corrected).
    This can be done with a bioassay, which depending upon your intended use could be quick or time consuming.
    In my numerous bioassay tests, I have found about 1/3 of of rubber and plastic materials had strong negative effects on embryonic and larval zebrafish. These effects can vary between materials that are the "same" but made by different manufacturers. They can also vary from lot to lot.

    To avoid the bioassay, use standard materials from reputable sources that are intended for your use (aquarium or aquaculture suppliers).
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    PET is clear, cheap and is blow moulded to make clear water bottles, if they do not have flat faces. Can you use a round tank like a big water cooler bottle?
    What capacity and what shape should the tanks be?
    How many thousand tanks will you be building?
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