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Two dimensional motion problem.

  1. Dec 5, 2006 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A baseball was hit at 45m/s at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal.
    How long did it remain in the air? How far did it travel horizontally?

    Hi everyone, I am i stuck :cry: on this problem any hints (formulas) to help me solve this problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Today seems to be the projectile motion day. :smile:

    Anyway, which are the equations for projectile motion? Start with finding the equations for the x and y displacement of the baseball.
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    So I need to find the time and range of the projectile.
    [tex]V_0x[/tex]= 45m/s cos(45)
    [tex]V_0y[/tex]=45m/s sin(45)

    and Range is: [tex]R = 2{V_0x}{V_oy}/{g}[/tex]
    Time is: [tex]t = {2V_0y}/{g}[/tex]

    :confused: am I wrong?
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    Good work, you're right. :wink:
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    Thanks radou :approve: !
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