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Homework Help: Uniform/nonuniform electric fields

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    What makes the electric field uniform?

    I learned it as a field that doesn't vary from place to place, but I'm trying to understand that better conceptually. For example, for problem #6 on the multiple choice
    http://www.enc.edu/~john.u.free/PY 202 2006-7/Resources/Exam_1_05-06.htm

    Would all 3 produce a uniform field from + to -? What sort of arrangement would produce a nonuniform field?

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    Hi jaejoon89! :smile:

    (Yes, uniform means that it doesn't vary from place to place, at least within a relevant region.)

    An electric field is generally not uniform.

    There has to be a very good reason if it is.

    Hint: electric fields can be represented by field lines.
    So draw where you think the field lines are on those three diagrams. :wink:
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