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Universal and Individual Gas Constant

  1. Mar 5, 2008 #1
    I got injured while playing football and had to miss a Thermodynamics-I lecture. Got the notes afterwards but they tend to make things more complicated. The notes starts with :-


    Which R is this the Universal Gas Constant or the Individual Gas Constant ?

    Is the Molar Volume and Specific Volume same thing?

    Then it says [tex]R = \frac{R_{u}}{Mol Wt.}[/tex], which seems alright.

    Then it says that :-

    For EE :-

    [tex] R = \frac {1545}{Mol Wt.} [/tex]

    For SI :-

    [tex] R = \frac {8314}{Mol Wt.} [/tex]

    Question is that I have always seen the Molar Gas Constant to be [tex] 8.134 JK^{-1}mol^{-1}[/tex]. How does 8314 come ?

    I'll be obliged if someone can give systematic answers. this way my confusion will be eliminated.
    (looks like there's some problem with LaTex)
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