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Upgrading PC133

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    Forgive the antiquated technology, but here's the question. I have a computer that still uses PC133 memory and all that entails and myy processor is a celeron and runs at 500 MHz. Do they still make compatible processors that i could upgrade to? Something running at least 1 GHz? I'm not sure how many pins the thing has and all i know is that my mother board is an IWILL VD133. If anyone can help i would appreciate it.
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    The most you could possibly get out of that is 1ghz, but you'll want to find your motherboard manual to be sure exactly what it can handle. If you don't have it, google it.

    You should seriously consider bigger upgrades, though that depends on how comfortable you are with essentially building a new computer. See, when components get past a certain age, they stop getting cheaper. So, a p3 1ghz (assuming it'll run on your system) costs roughly $77 while a p4 1.9ghz costs about $104. If price is really important, for about $275, you could get an AMD Athlon 2500+ ($77), a decent Nforce2 motherboard (~$100 depending on options) and 512MB of fast ram ($85). Thats roughly 5x the horsepower you have now.
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    I've looked into alternative upgrades. I really don't need a super computer, but i was just looking at whether or not processors like that might still be out there. it's possible i will end up gutting my current computer and only replacing the motherboard/cpu, memory and HD. Fry's electronics has a mother/processor combo for $65 every once and a while. i've looked up both and they seem to be rated pretty well. they obviously won't go up against the latest but it's certainly better than my aging computer. thanks for the help.
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