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  1. I was wondering how much would a USB controller cost in the USA, I'm looking for something simple but with a built in micro-controller, and if it could be shipped to outside the US?

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  3. berkeman

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    We use a PIC18F4455 (sp?) for some of our internal R&D Lab projects because of the USB libraries that MicroChip has made available. Are you looking for a uC like that with USB libraries available, or are you looking for a uC module with built-in USB connector, etc? We use one of those as well.
  4. actually the PIC18F4455 would be perfect, do you have any idea where I can get it.
  5. berkeman

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    You bet. Just go to and do a search. Findchips is a great site for checking pricing and availability of chips and other electronic stuff. I got hits for the 18F4455 at Digikey and several other disti's listed at Findchips.
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