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Homework Help: [verilog]confuse on CPU's system bus

  1. Jul 10, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I am trying to understand a simply CPU which written in system verilog. I understand most of them a part from the red colour part.
    Code (Text):
    import cpu_defs::*;

    module IR [COLOR="Red"](CPU_bus.IR_port bus)[/COLOR];

    logic [WORD_W-1:0] instr_reg;

    assign [COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]sysbus = [COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]Addr_bus ? {{OP_W{1'b0}},instr_reg[WORD_W-OP_W-1:0]} : 'z ;

      [COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]op = instr_reg[WORD_W-1:WORD_W-OP_W];
    always_ff @ (posedge [COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]clock, negedge [COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]n_reset)
      if (![COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]n_reset)
        instr_reg <= 0;
        if ([COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]load_IR)
          instr_reg <= [COLOR="red"]bus.[/COLOR]sysbus;
    Normally I will just write it like that, without .bus:
    Code (Text):
    module IR (input clock, n_reset, Addr_bus, load_IR,
                    inout sysbus,
                    output op);
                op = instr_reg[WORD_W-1:WORD_W-OP_W];
    Why it need .bus in here? Because it has connection with the system bus? In the interface part, it doesnt use any .bus :

    Code (Text):
    modport IR_port(input clock, n_reset, Addr_bus, load_IR,
                    inout sysbus,
                    output op);
    Thanks for the help
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
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