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Virus Software?

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    Does anyone know of where to obtain a good virus software scanning program? I downloaded a virus scanning program awhile back which told me I had one, but I didn't know how to remove it.
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    I have McAfee on my laptops. Works pretty well. If money is a problem, try AVG from http://www.grisoft.com/. they have a free version (non-commercial use) that you can probably use. I've been using it on my home computer for a while now and haven't had many problems. Doesn't take up too much in the way of resources and scans fairly quickly. Updates usually come out every 3-4 days or so (usually weekly with McAfee).
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    I use Norton. It automatically protects against viruses, trojans, worms, and also detects adware.
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    I've had the best track record so far with Avast, has all the usual goodies + some extra ... and it's completely free for home use.
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    My company uses McAfee ASAP - updates about every 3-4 days (i.e. twice weekly). This also monitors anything downloaded. Save us lots of times especially against the newest viruses. And it generates a detailed report that can be viewed on-line.

    At home I use Norton (Symantec).

    Usually, you have to go to Start/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs to remove software, unless the software has an uninstall app.

    Or, you could use Regedit, but only as a last resort, and only if you know what you are doing (it's like brain surgery on a PC).
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    You can't go wrong with Norton the only problem I had with it is that they wanted you to resubscribe every year. I have a thing with paying for what I have already paid for. I have heard good things about McAfee. Check subscription fees as I have not used any in a long time and things might have changed. Thought this could be a consideration for you.
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    Agreed with Greg. I have been in love with AVG since version 7 came out. Version 6 used to annoy the hell out of me. It would find viruses in protected folders but not clear them. NTFS + AVG 6 was a big time annoyence for me.

    I used Notron 2003 but it was a resource hog so I stopped. I heard Norton Corporate edition is awesome so you might try that if you dont trust freeware :P

    I personally hate anti virus packages that contain everything like protection against spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, exploits, backdoors ...etc

    I prefer to have indivual solutions to each. Norton, McAfee's newest products "i think" also provide protection against spyware and adaware and i hate them.
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