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What are the impt aspects of Control Systems?

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    Hi, I am currently choosing my specialisation modules. May i know what are the most important aspects that an electrical engineer should know with regards to "control systems"? Tks :smile:
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    Do you mean important topics in control systems? It's a really large field with a lot of topics that are important. Or are you just talking about a first class in classical control system?

    Be a little more specific.
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    yup. The more impt topics that someone going into such an industry ought to know. Cos there are many courses under the control system but it isnt possible for me to do all of them.
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    Well, I recently finished an undergrad EE, and am working in control systems for my masters.

    A couple of course in classic control systems (with some on discrete / digital control), coupled with some hands on labs should be plenty to know for basic industry. The rest can be picked up (like ladder logic and PLC's, whatever the industry uses.)

    If you want to be developing advanced control systems, I suggest reviewing robust control, adaptive control, and estimation methods (observer and parameter estimation techniques) as well as some understanding of non-linear systems or at least how to address their effects in linear analysis. That should give you a good idea about what modern controls can do.
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