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Homework Help: What is the force of the spring constant?

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    If a spring is originally compressed by 6cm, what is the force of the spring constant?
    A block of inertia m=0.2kg is launched from a spring onto frictionless surface. The velocity is 2.5m/s upon leaving the spring.
    I used Hooke's law and got
    0.2kg x 9.8m/s / 0.06m = 32.7 N/m
    The next question is if this spring was used to suspend a 3kg block from ceiling what would the displacement of the spring be?
    I need some help with the ratio of what is needed to solve this problem
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    would the equation change by the new equation of
    3.0kg x 9.8 ms / .06 = 490 N/m
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    My mind keeps thinking that there is some relationship between the displacement of the 2.5 m/s velocity of the first block after it left the spring. Is this something that is valid?
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    Doc Al

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    I moved your posts to a separate thread.
    You'll need to describe the problem more carefully. Is the mass launched horizontally?
    That would be true if the mass were placed on a vertical spring and allowed to come to equilibrium. Is that what's going on here?
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