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What is the |vector A-vector B|

  1. Sep 14, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    vector A: ------>
    vector B; <----------

    choices are:

    A) Vector A-vector B
    B) A-B
    C) Vector B-vector A
    D) B-A
    E) Vector A + vector B
    F) A+B
    G) |vector B- Vector A|

    I think the answer is D, but im not sure. Also I think there is more than one answer. Can you guys please help me out. Thanks.
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  3. Sep 14, 2008 #2


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    If I'm interpreting everything correctly, then D would be an answer. I do believe there is another true answer; what do you think it is, and why?
  4. Sep 15, 2008 #3
    well, you have to line vector A on top of vector B and then perform the subtraction and you'll see that the resulting vector would look like :
    vector A: ----->
    vector B: <----------
    answer :
  5. Sep 15, 2008 #4


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    Right; and how is that resulting vector that you found related to what they are asking for in the problem?
  6. Sep 15, 2008 #5
    im gonna take a guess and say its B. if not could you please explain what the answer is? Thanks
  7. Sep 15, 2008 #6


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    The answer B is not correct because it would be a negative number; choice B says to subtract the length of [itex]\vec B[/itex] from the length of [itex]\vec A[/itex]. Since [itex]\vec A[/itex] is shorter [itex]\vec B[/itex], then choice B is a negative number.

    But [itex] |\vec A-\vec B|[/itex] is a magnitude and therefore positive.

    For the remember that the quantity you are looking for is a positive number, not a vector, and is the magnitude of the difference of the vectors. (I cannot give out answers here as that would violate forum rules.)
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