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Homework Help: Where to find challenging physics problems (besides textbook) ?

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    I'm currently taking a Calculus Based Physics course. We have an exam in a few days. Although I understand the material well and have performed many textbook problems, my teacher is known for putting challenging questions on the exams. My Prof. writes his own exams, so they are not based on the book. If anyone can guide me to more challenging physics questions, it would be greatly appreciated. This exam is going to cover 1D and 2D Kinematics: Vectors, Free-Fall, Constant acceleration problems, and Projectile motion.

    For example: My prof. stated one challenging problem on the exam is going to be a free-fall kinematics problem which will combine for than one motion. Two separate motions will be involved: 1 Free-fall, and 1 constant acceleration.
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    Have you tried I.E Irodov?
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    How challenging do you want it? You can try contest problems (Physicsbowl, CAP High School Exam, International Physics Olympiads, etc.). Some of the questions on these exams shouldn't be significantly harder than your course material.
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