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Homework Help: Which base is stronger?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    There are two groups of bases, one that contains OH- (example : NaOH), and one that forces water to form OH- (example: NH3). Which of these are the stronger bases? Which are the weaker bases? Why?

    Ok so our class just started learning about acids and bases. I've read the pages on the text book regarding bases and i cant seem to find the answer or any kind of evidence.
    Could somebody give me a hint on this question please?:blushing:
    is it related to conductivity?
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    A base renders hydroxide ion in water (assuming solutions in water as the solvent). Metal hydroxides such as of potassium or sodium (or cesium ? ) ionize in order to supply the hydroxide; at least for sodium and potassium hydroxides, the compounds ionize in water to great extent. Something like ammonia must HYDROLYZE with water to render ammonium hydroxide. Then the ammonium hydroxide will ionize.

    Maybe there is another way to describe that with ammonia. Ammonia, a base, reacts with water, which behaving as an acid. The result is ammonium hdroxide, which now can ionize in water. This makes me wonder, how thoroughly does the ammonia react with the water as a neutralization reaction? Is dissolved ammonia present more as ammonia or more as ammonium hydroxide?
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    So the amount of ionization of the compound should give you a clue.
    Have you searched the internet for more information?
    Here are a couple or references found using key words "strong base" "weak base"

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