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Which is the best book for 12th grade chemistry

  1. Dec 1, 2013 #1
    these are the topics which i want:
    1. atomic structure
    2. periodic classification of elements
    3. s,p,d,f blocks
    4. co-ordination and bio co-ordination compounds
    5. radioactivity
    6. solid state
    7. chemical equilibrium
    8. chemical kinetics
    9. thermodynamics
    10. surface chemistry
    11. electrochemistry
    12. stereochemistry
    13. alcohols
    14. ethers
    15. aldehydes
    16. ketones
    17. carboxylic acid
    18. amine

    please give me a link where i can download the book
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    Do you know calculus? Is this for your own enjoyment or to supplement a class predominantly?

    Also, unless the book is publicly available there is a policy against providing links to downloads of most textbooks.
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    To reiterate, especially those who wish to respond to the OP, under no circumstances are links to illegal copyrighted book download allowed in this forum. This is explicitly stated in the PF Rules. Providing such a link may result in a severe infraction up to and including an outright ban, especially when I've posted an additional warning in this message.

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    In my oppinion, Atkins is just horrible. I remember his book on physical chemistry which is full of circular logic, e.g. he starts out from some heuristical definitions of temperature in terms of gas thermometers and mentions that an exact definition will be given later.
    Then he derives S=Q/T and then defines T as dS/dU.
    On his book on theoretical chemistry my former teacher simply remarked that Atkins hasn't understood quantum mechanics.
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    I've read both the Physical Chemistry and the Quest of Insight books, and I have to say that, while I agree with you on the Pchem book (McQuarrie Simon is my pick here), Quest for Insights is not that bad for casual learning of basic chemistry. Simple concepts, almost self contained chapters (as long as that is possible), lots of (simple, perhaps too simple) examples and very nice graphics.
    Other chemistry books on the same level are those by Silberberg and Whitten. I could not say I would be totally satisfied with them (why, why, why all those useless photographs? Put some more equations instead!), but they are an acceptable solution for starters. What is outrageous is the price! Find a used copy or rent them from a library!
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    Oxtoby is pretty good for thermodynamics and quantum.
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    After reading the very negative comment I thought it was just me being a math guy and the fact it uses, horror of horrors, calculus. I only had a passing interest in Chemistry anyway which is why I got the book - it seemed more suited to my background than other stuff like what seemed to be the common Zumdahl.

    I thought it was fine, explaining concepts well, but then again I am primarily a math guy with an interest more in physics than chem.

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