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Homework Help: Why can it double the input voltage

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    the circuit is shown at the attached file.
    Please click it to enlarge

    thx for ur answer !!

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    Is this a homework question? If you know how AC voltage sources, diodes and capacitors all work then the answer should be obvious to you.
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    Move it to the homework section under intro physics and it will be answered in an hour or so....
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    I don't think anyone on this forum is into the habit of doing homework for other people. There is an INCREDIBLE amount of help available if the OP is willing to put forth effort.
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    Some suggestions:
    Before trying to analyze the circuit think first how voltage wave-form on C2 must look like (Doubling the voltage does not mean that waveform of source and Vout are identical)
    Pay attention to point "2" of the circuit.That's crucial.When D1 conducts it's potential is effectively transfered to the bottom of C2.
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    Thread moved to the homework forums. Duncan, please show us your work so far.
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