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Will the battery current flow correctly?

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    I am designing my own rocket. In order to launch a series of rockets in midair, an electric current must flow to the rocket engines. To be able to do this, I have sketched the design included below.

    Above, are the three rockets which will be ignited. The metal ends on the bottom of the rockets are connected on the inside which allows a current to flow inside the rocket and then out.

    Below the three rockets are the three batteries. I need to have the batteries setup so an electric current will flow evenly at the same exact time throughout each rocket so the three rockets will ignite at the same time.

    Below the three batteries is a switch. The two items that the two wires are connected to are coins. When in midair, the coins will come into contact with eachother and cause the current to flow through the batteries and the rockets causing the rockets to go off evenly at the same time.


    My question is, is the wires correctly arranged so when the two coins come in contact they will cause an even electric current to flow throughout the rockets and battries? All batterie wires MUST FLOW into the switch.

    Are these wires arranged correctly? If they are not, how can they be arranged? I would test this myself but the rockets are expensive.


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