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Wind Pressure Convesion

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    I want to express a wind pressure of 2400 Pascals in terms of km/h (speed) ???

    The context here is Aluminium Openings having to resist such pressure.

    Thanks in advance,


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    u can use bernollis equation assuming it a ideal fluid and perfect horizontal flow
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have a pressure of 2400 Pascal.

    Reworking your formula from the standpoint of pressure and using a density of 1.2923 (kg/cu m), I am getting as answer: 60 for velocity. (I think it is 60 m/s or 216 km/h).

    I have used an online converter called Cactus 2000 and got 60.945 m/s or 219.4 km/h.

    Is there a reason for the discrepancy 216 km/h and 219.4 km/h?

    Am I using the right density of 1.2923 kg/cm?



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    I have just check the excel sheet anew, there is no discrepancy. The wind speed using equation and online converter is 219.4 km/h using a wind density of 1.2923 kg/cu m.
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