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Homework Help: Zero Torque and static equilibrium

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    A stick with a mass of 0.206 kg and a length of 0.450 m rests in contact with a bowling ball and a rough floor, as shown in the figure below. The bowling ball has a diameter of 21.1 cm, and the angle the stick makes with the horizontal is 30°. You may assume there is no friction between the stick and the bowling ball, though friction with the floor must be taken into account.
    (a) Find the magnitude of the force exerted on the stick by the bowling ball.
    (b) Find the horizontal component of the force exerted on the stick by the floor.
    (c) Repeat part (b) for the upward component of the force.

    I had absolutely no idea how to get started on this problem.
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    Draw a force body diagram. The stick is just sitting there so the sum of the forces in each direction must be zero and the sum of the torques must be zero.
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