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Topology and Analysis

- Point-set topology. Real, complex, harmonic and functional analysis. Measure and integration theory
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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:25 AM
1 24,702
Hello! I'm trying to teach myself some mathematics, and I want to see if I understand this concept correctly from...
T 05:36 AM
3 172
I asked this in the logic&probability subforum, but I thought I'd try my luck here. ...... Let (A,\mathcal A),...
Apr16-14 09:00 AM
0 86
Mathematically what does it mean to take a "2D slice of a 6D Calabi-Yau manifold"? Part of quote taken from the...
Apr15-14 01:14 PM
Ben Niehoff
6 242
Let T: l^2 -> l^2 be bounded linear operators. K=L(l^2,l^2) be the space of T, Prove that K=L(l^2,l^2) is not...
Apr13-14 05:05 PM
2 120
I am reading munkres topolgy and I am struggling with understanding the following sentence: "We say that a subset C...
Apr13-14 11:16 AM
4 202 Around the 4 minute mark the lecturer makes this statement, but I am...
Apr9-14 07:47 PM
9 518
If you take an ordered field of numbers with the operations of addition and multiplication, endowed with the...
Apr7-14 04:37 PM
6 332
May i know to obtain fourier series representation for trigonometric and complex form base on magnitude spectrum and...
Apr5-14 03:01 PM
1 209
I've got a Green's function in which all the impulses are on the line from the north pole to the origin (polar angle...
Apr1-14 05:13 PM
0 259
The Cauchy's differintegral formula is: \frac{d^n}{dz^n}f(z_0)=\frac{n!}{2\pi...
Mar31-14 04:23 PM
2 266
If a holomorphic function is a function that \frac{\partial f}{\partial \bar{z}} =0 Thus, an antiholomorphic function...
Mar30-14 03:05 PM
2 168
In showing diam(cl(A)) ≤ diam(A), (cl(A)=closure of A) one method of proof* involves letting x,y be points in cl(A)...
Mar29-14 08:00 PM
3 247
I am reading Martin Crossley's book, Essential Topology. I am at present studying Example 5.55 regarding the Mobius...
Mar28-14 09:16 AM
1 232
If a space X is arcwise connected, then for any two points p and q in X the fundamental groups ##\pi_1(X,p)## and...
Mar27-14 10:22 PM
4 397
I am reading Martin Crossley's book, Essential Topology. Example 5.43 on page 74 reads as follows: ...
Mar21-14 04:12 PM
1 306
Example 1 in James Munkres' book, Topology (2nd Edition) reads as follows: ...
Mar21-14 12:00 AM
Math Amateur
3 283
Hello, given two functions f and g the operation of convolution f\ast g finds many applications in many different...
Mar20-14 03:29 PM
4 289
what the following statement exactly mean :"A topological space is a set M with a distinguished collection of...
Mar19-14 08:53 AM
4 253
A fellow student of mine asked a question to our teacher in functional analysis, and the answer we got was not very...
Mar17-14 11:54 AM
13 1,002
The context is that I am reading the proof that Lebesgue measure is rotation invariant Let X be a k-dimensional...
Mar15-14 06:43 AM
Shaji D R
12 500
Hi there, Let S denote the shift operator on the Hardy space on the unit disc H^2, that is (Sf)(z)=zf(z). My...
Mar14-14 10:28 AM
3 259
Hi everyone, a couple of technical questions : 1) Definition: Anyone know the definition of the induced orientation...
Mar14-14 04:41 AM
1 229
I'm trying to get a better understanding of some topology for a GR class I'm taking...I'm wondering if someone can...
Mar14-14 04:04 AM
9 358
Calculating residues are useful when we are trying to solve some improper integral, because the Cauchy principal value...
Mar9-14 04:35 PM
5 333
Let α be a Dedekind Cut. w a positive rational.How to prove that there exists a integer n such that nw is a member of...
Mar9-14 04:27 AM
Shaji D R
1 224
I was taking a break from studying from my real analysis, electrodynamics, and nuclear physics exams this week, and,...
Mar8-14 01:08 PM
8 320
Hello all, I'm going through Foundations of Mathematical Analysis by Johnsonbaugh and Pfaffenberger, and I read a...
Mar7-14 06:18 PM
Stephen Tashi
1 308
Hello: I am trying to find a functional derivative of the following functional: v_{s}, v_{ext}(r)] = \int...
Mar4-14 09:42 AM
0 287
It seems strange, but would a metric space consisting of two points, X={a,∞} be totally bounded, but not bounded?...
Mar4-14 07:12 AM
3 325
When considering tempered distributions, I am only aware of the definition of test functions of a real variable. ...
Mar1-14 07:27 AM
3 374
Hello, I have seen (in H Cartan's differential calculus) a proof that if F is a Banch space, L(E,F) where E is some...
Feb27-14 09:51 PM
4 379
I've seen a few references to it, but can't find it defined anywhere. What is it? Something with integrating distances...
Feb26-14 04:14 PM
2 323
If the definition for holomorphic function is that it satisfies \frac{\partial f}{\partial \bar{z}}=0 so is correct to...
Feb25-14 03:30 PM
0 262
I understand that the Fourier transform maps one function onto another. So it is a mapping from one function space...
Feb24-14 11:35 AM
6 404
I previously posted this related thread ...
Feb21-14 08:17 PM
8 531
I have recently been assigned a project in my undergraduate topology class. I would like to do something in physics...
Feb19-14 07:26 PM
5 452
Please give me example of antipodal set in infinite dimensional?
Feb19-14 01:28 PM
1 255
Hi everyone, the question is simple: is \mathcal{S}'\left(\mathbb{R}^3\right) a first countable topological space...
Feb16-14 07:25 AM
6 430
In set theory a set is defined to be a collection of distinct objects (see...
Feb13-14 08:22 PM
Number Nine
18 1,159
So when we have an open cover of a set X means we have a collection of sets \{ E_\alpha\}_{\alpha \in I} such that...
Feb12-14 03:47 PM
3 433

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