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Astronomy & Astrophysics

- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 115,018
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,636
Hi Is someone interested in this topic ? I'd like to share my idea with you, PF people. I also designed a...
T 03:12 PM
0 138
I'd like to have two main questions about it. 1. Radiation protection : theoretically, were thick leaded glass...
T 03:05 PM
26 1,713
So, this is something that's got me wondering; The CCCP landed crafts on Venus, and more recently, NASA landed the...
T 02:46 PM
2 155
Let's assume an planet with Earths mass and radius orbits a G2V type star at 1 au. This planet would have an the same...
T 01:24 PM
9 250
Hi everyone. So I got this question in a test, but I'm not exactly sure about the answer. Q: For a planet moving...
Y 10:10 PM
4 320
guys and gals if you haven't seen this video of solar flare yet, then hold onto your seats!! make sure you view it...
Sep12-14 05:38 PM
Greg Bernhardt
19 1,674
I have read it in many papers that this is a flux limited sample. But I have trouble in understanding what is the...
Sep11-14 10:41 PM
2 400
light can travel light-years of distances.. its a EM wave which needs no medium to travel, but how can it travel for...
Sep10-14 06:18 AM
5 1,234
Gammaray bursts (GRB) may affect the prevalence of life in various different regions of the galaxy....
Sep10-14 02:05 AM
2 699
Does anyone believe that the solar system has a second star? There is a theory that the solar system has a second,...
Sep9-14 05:26 PM
10 1,317
Hi all. OK so these were shot with the same camera with same settings. Both are supposedly at 28 km altitude in the...
Sep9-14 05:22 PM
6 631
I previously posted on the idea that the Hawking equations looked wrong:...
Sep9-14 04:28 PM
2 1,032
I'm trying to create a chronological timeline of the formation of solids in the solar system with examples of...
Sep8-14 05:59 PM
2 436 Landing is expected in mid-November. ...
Sep8-14 04:08 PM
2 608
Why haven't we gone back to the moon? Seems like we could save a whole lot of money and time if we were to go back...
Sep8-14 10:17 AM
51 1,807
So magnetism has definite lines of force. Does gravity have an equivalent device. References would be good just...
Sep7-14 01:55 PM
16 691
How do scientists know if something is traveling away from us at any given moment, yes, it might be red, but it could...
Sep7-14 11:37 AM
2 378
Hi, PF: I'm currently about to graduate from my Ph. D. program in Physics and I want to focus my research in...
Sep6-14 07:10 PM
1 444
Sooo, this is something I'm really happy I figured out, buuuut, I want to make sure it's correct. I guess the...
Sep6-14 06:16 PM
0 316
Hello guys, I really hope I came to the right section, since technically my topic involves not only astronomy, but...
Sep6-14 04:49 PM
1 342
Why isn't the dark matter just randomly distributed? How does it know where to go? Why does the amount of dark matter...
Sep6-14 04:37 PM
6 478
I just saw this video and wanted to share it. It contains some pretty awesome plots of the motion of galaxies in our...
Sep6-14 12:13 AM
1 380
What do you all have to say about the concept of multiple universe?
Sep5-14 05:39 PM
7 548
Look up, there’s space. Astronomically speaking, it’s right there, just outside a thin layer of atmosphere. But how...
Sep5-14 04:59 PM
3 477
Is the universe my own? I mean the whole of it, because I am the observer. If I was not there to observe it, would it...
Sep5-14 04:02 PM
7 530
If the galaxies are all moving away at speeds of the big bang "explosion" which was moving at speeds defying physics....
Sep5-14 01:19 AM
10 541
I know the universe doesn't expand at a speed but rather a rate over distance but if we take two objects on opposite...
Sep4-14 12:11 PM
4 896
The most widely cited figures are 1.4 solar masses and 10 km radius. However, tracing the references back to their...
Sep4-14 09:49 AM
2 500
I wish to replicate the simulations and values obtained in the following paper but I do not know where to start my...
Sep4-14 02:59 AM
2 471
Hello smart people! I am trying to make a simulation of an orbit with C#. I have come so far that I more or less...
Sep3-14 09:18 PM
6 499
Given two masses falling towards each other under gravitational attraction, do they meet at their joint center of...
Sep3-14 08:17 PM
Vanadium 50
2 484
In our time epoch and location in space, it seems that even if we received signals of some extraterrestial...
Sep1-14 05:49 PM
12 755
I am writing a paper on the collision of two galaxies. I would like advice on using the right method to complete this...
Sep1-14 02:42 PM
5 672
They're the first water clouds ever seen beyond our solar system by Ken Croswell, author of The Alchemy of the...
Sep1-14 10:18 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 925
How can we estimate the age of the universe if we don not know how big it is? It is often said that our visible...
Sep1-14 07:38 AM
Simon Bridge
7 563
Or is earth the only world in the inner solar system with caves.
Sep1-14 01:20 AM
17 1,085
Just something I've been chewing on. Let's create a number line: In the number line, the values approach zero...
Aug31-14 03:39 PM
1 612
New measurements claim to resolve the controversy over the distance to the Pleiades but have in fact only reignited...
Aug30-14 09:17 AM
Simon Bridge
1 530
So I've been playing some Kerbal Space Program, and it's taught me a couple things. Primarily, that circularizing an...
Aug30-14 09:01 AM
2 494
hi guys, I have been doing a research on white dwarf stars and chanrashekhar limit. I need to plot a graph for the...
Aug29-14 01:45 PM
Ken G
5 2,166

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