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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 107,097
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 43,548
Hi fellas, I have taken white dwarf stars as my undergrad thesis choice, so I need some suggestion on good books on...
Y 01:17 PM
3 262
Hi guys this is my first post! I've been trying to find a plot of the atmospheric transmittance of Venus but I've had...
Y 11:34 AM
2 532
Is it possible to calculate the entire orbit of an interstellar piece of rock that has entered our solar system from...
Y 04:24 AM
6 245
hi, please explain me how to define a luminosity function? what is meant by luminosity interval? and the last one ,...
Jul24-14 09:25 AM
clumps tim
2 233
Hello All, A curious person here would like to know if a planet gains gravitational force as it rotates around the...
Jul23-14 10:21 PM
Simon Bridge
3 543
Is the amount of Dark Matter in a Galaxy equal the amount of Matter consumed by all the Black Holes in that Galaxy?
Jul23-14 04:20 PM
3 379
As many are aware, the announced detection of primordial gravity waves by BICEP 2 was heavily criticized based on dust...
Jul22-14 02:43 PM
1 482
hi guys, I wonder if I have fully understood the Fermi Dirac statistics properly, but I have a question on it...
Jul22-14 06:45 AM
clumps tim
2 515
This is a thought experiment that just popped up in my head, please excuse any layman inaccuracies. Imagine the...
Jul21-14 05:51 PM
8 1,918
I am currently researching about the behavior of dark matter and their possible characteristics, and I am needing the...
Jul21-14 05:40 PM
3 1,256
Hello everybody! Extreme interferometers like Ligo, Virgo, Leo600, Tama300 try to detect gravitational waves...
Jul21-14 05:29 PM
0 376
It was estimated that the heat inside the core of the Sun inside around 15 000 000 C - this value is extremely...
Jul21-14 04:58 PM
2 725
I have a few questions about the nature of the universe. I'll start with the first question: What was the size of...
Jul21-14 09:12 AM
2 616
The IAU plans to name 305 exoplanets. Currently, organizations can make suggestions, in 2015 the public can vote on...
Jul19-14 11:12 PM
2 533
Currently being reported in the popular press is an interesting-looking missing light crisis. Everybody loves a good...
Jul19-14 08:05 AM
Jonathan Scott
7 2,212
When a photon loses a little bit of energy, its frequency lows a little. That is, it suffers a slight redshift. So,...
Jul18-14 10:57 AM
9 1,054
What's the way to convert n(r) to \rho(r) in case of a spherical cloud. n(r) is the column density, \rho(r) is...
Jul18-14 07:45 AM
Simon Bridge
1 599
Have a question i thought of regarding something in space, do objects float in space or are they sitting in a fixed...
Jul18-14 02:47 AM
2 612
hi guys, my first post... i was wondering if there is anyway of stopping a star from going supernova... my...
Jul18-14 02:04 AM
3 995
If the satellites are spread out as a big baseline telescope? Or there are other problems that even that method cant...
Jul17-14 09:43 AM
10 1,253
dear friends, can I get a link to the original paper by Chandrashekhar where he derived the limit for white dwarf?...
Jul16-14 03:45 AM
clumps tim
3 1,177
I am using the C library that comes with the book Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus...
Jul15-14 04:18 PM
2 1,498
hi fellas, I have been working on Chandrashekhar limit, and I found a mass-radius relationship for the nonrelativistic...
Jul15-14 01:08 AM
3 1,395
hi guys, I have been doing a research on white dwarf stars and chanrashekhar limit. I need to plot a graph for the...
Jul15-14 01:06 AM
4 1,165
Hi all, I attached a picture of an integral that I need to evaluate and graph. It is a line of sight (l.o.s)...
Jul14-14 04:29 PM
3 1,569
ok, I can understand that we can see object billion light-year away because it took light a billion year of travelling...
Jul14-14 08:42 AM
10 2,105
Can we start planting trees on mars now? Considering that there are so many tree species on earth that lives in...
Jul13-14 07:08 PM
22 4,282
Calculating latitude at noon is easy: say I got ##73^o## on 6/20/2014 So, ##90^o-73^o=17^o## then...
Jul12-14 11:49 PM
10 3,268
So at some point nuclear fusion in a star becomes unable to sustain the core against its own gravity pressure, then...
Jul12-14 06:45 AM
6 1,866
Let's imagine a stationary black hole and a fast moving object falling into BH. Let the momentum of the falling object...
Jul10-14 08:26 PM
5 2,136
Hello, first post here. I'm trying to wrap my head around something here and I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've...
Jul10-14 04:33 PM
1 1,354
Joe Silk is one of the co-authors. One expects large voids in the distribution of galaxies because of the cobwebby way...
Jul9-14 10:22 PM
1 1,466
Disclaimer: I'm not a physicist I've never quite grasped interstellar gas clouds (i.e. the material for new stars)...
Jul9-14 08:20 AM
19 4,998
by Dr. Ken Croswell, author of The Alchemy of the Heavens The Milky Way may have found a solution to its gas...
Jul8-14 05:28 PM
1 1,743
Hello, I am doing research and I was told that I need to create an O-C diagram for an eclipsing binary....
Jul8-14 02:33 PM
3 2,266
Was thinking about this why is it a requirement that the center of a black hole be a singularity? If the event horizon...
Jul7-14 09:29 AM
7 2,891
I've read works by Kip Thorne, Brian Greene, Sean Carroll, Leonard Susskind and I get the impression that wormholes...
Jul7-14 01:19 AM
9 3,031
Matter in U is extimated 1050Kg, what is the radius/volume of the U where this amount of matter is distributed? ...
Jul5-14 02:01 PM
16 3,813
Bill was a fellow Australian and prolific comet hunter and discoverer Quoted from the Ice In Space site He...
Jul3-14 05:33 PM
2 2,213
by Dr. Ken Croswell Astronomers staring across the universe have spotted a startling scene: three supermassive...
Jul3-14 05:21 PM
11 2,821

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