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- Celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
aandc, library, reference Sticky Thread Pinned: A&C reference library ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Use this topic to post links to helpful/informative websites about astronomy & cosmology.
Jul3-14 06:29 PM
140 113,586
Hellfire requested that I post a list of classic papers that one could use for reference when trying to understand the...
Nov28-12 01:12 AM
17 45,053
This is my first post here and I am strictly seeking info, guidance, assistance... I have read many posts here and see...
Mar22-09 05:23 PM
1 1,057
if its possible to have infinite mass(a black hole) is there something to make infinite mass? If not wouldn't a black...
Mar21-09 02:51 PM
The riddler
2 2,256
The Universe is expanding. Expanding to where ? There must be an empty space where the universe will expand itself to,...
Mar21-09 03:20 AM
31 3,590
*THIS IS AN ACTUAL QUESTION, NOT A WHAT IF SCENARIO* I just wondered if it has ever happend or could ever happen...
Mar20-09 11:48 PM
4 1,529
what is the percentage of heavy element (heavier than helium) of the sun? (not the photospheric composition)
Mar19-09 11:49 PM
3 1,672
This is why you should always get the anti-corrosion warranty on your Mars Lander ...
Mar19-09 05:42 PM
0 790 Eight images. Four on the left appear to be stills from...
Mar19-09 03:32 PM
0 996
The flyby anomalies, you may remember, are a set of fascinating data indicating that spacecraft flying past Earth...
Mar19-09 08:19 AM
6 3,165
Is it possible with our current technology to measure the diameter of stars in galaxies other than our own?
Mar18-09 10:50 AM
6 2,980
A spacecraft creates two entangled particles. One of them falls into a black hole, past the event horizon. ...
Mar17-09 03:04 PM
0 824
Earth’s interior is much hotter than the surrounding environment (i.e., empty space) so there must be a tendency of...
Mar17-09 09:52 AM
20 5,122
It has been found that spacecraft on certain flyby trajectories around the earth gain an amount of energy that is...
Mar17-09 03:11 AM
1 1,437
My friend took this picture of Sirius. He put 2 strings as a cross in front of the lens and there is the cross in the...
Mar16-09 07:58 PM
3 1,176
Is it possible to have two planets orbiting opposite each other across their star? Either with the two being of...
Mar16-09 04:27 AM
6 2,011
I'm doing a project about astronomy. I've never done one, I just jumped from quantum physics to here, so I don't think...
Mar15-09 11:03 PM
3 1,640
The sun by itself accounts for about 99.86% of the Solar System's mass. Whether the heavy elements(heavier than...
Mar15-09 12:12 AM
0 1,578
I observed a really bright star in the sky a few minutes ago its still there. Its in the west sky low just a few...
Mar14-09 07:51 PM
1 954
Could the Big Bang Have Been A Cyclical Event? I am a layperson...this is a long-pondered question. Is it...
Mar14-09 06:29 PM
2 1,336
This is my first post here, so I'll start off by just saying hi. ^_^ Anyway, I've been in a debate recently with...
Mar14-09 05:41 PM
0 1,082
Does anyone know if an average Neutron star with a diameter of 10 miles, was headed towards Earth.. would our Nuclear...
Mar14-09 05:33 PM
10 3,570
I am after a reference or an explanation as to how the Voyager 2 spacecraft was used to determine the semi major axis...
Mar14-09 02:37 PM
Abd Errahmane
1 2,048
I was just searching the net to find something to read about 2012 (doom's day) :-) ... And i got to know about...
Mar14-09 01:06 PM
1 3,206
If an object rotates in zero gravity, it generates a small gravity outwards, right? Now, howcome planets attract...
Mar13-09 10:51 AM
12 1,660
Can someone explain all the known paths a star can take from its birth to its death? This is what I know so far....
Mar13-09 10:02 AM
9 1,643
I was wondering about a question that popped into my mind recently -Let's say, theoretically, a device existed that...
Mar13-09 09:32 AM
24 3,956
l = Phi*L*Gamma(a+2) b) The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has recently measured the following Schechter...
Mar12-09 09:50 PM
1 2,267
I know that there are several theories out there about how old the Universe is and how big, etc. I also know there...
Mar12-09 11:35 AM
11 2,113
Why couldn't an observer position himself at the balance point of the gravity between two black holes that are...
Mar12-09 11:17 AM
6 1,792
Hi, I am just wondering what the exact mechanisms of the fireball model for gamma-ray bursts are. I am fairly...
Mar11-09 07:29 AM
0 1,297
I've been wondering since a long time how does the space time curve affect the apple. If the apple isn't attracted by...
Mar11-09 05:54 AM
5 1,410 A tiny satellite measuring just 504 kilometres (315...
Mar10-09 04:57 AM
5 4,909
As a steady stream of light particles (or any other form of measurable energy) from some distant star, say a billion...
Mar10-09 12:09 AM
5 1,147
I read that if an observer were to watch as another observer fell into the black hole, eventually observer A would see...
Mar9-09 10:01 PM
Ultrastar 1
6 1,414
Does anyone know the equation used to find the speed of a distant star?
Mar8-09 07:38 PM
Ultrastar 1
11 5,247
Hello all i'm here in the uk just lookin at Betelgeuse and for some reason it looks redder tonight has anyone any idea...
Mar8-09 04:16 PM
11 2,602
Possible exit points from this universe to another, or maybe collection points for energy to be saved and reassigned...
Mar8-09 12:18 PM
Ultrastar 1
2 1,257
So What happens to a Black Hole when one dies? I've heard that they just dissentigrate, collapse, etc. What...
Mar7-09 09:13 PM
17 9,769
blechman's statement: Gravitons are emitted FROM THE SURFACE of the event horizon (remember: gravitons are...
Mar7-09 02:21 PM
19 3,194
When will the next comet apear for earth viewers. I know that there is almost always a comet or two visable through a...
Mar7-09 01:24 PM
12 17,638
Hello, I have a question or two about Sir Author Eddington's proof of Einstein's GTR. 1)How did or what technique...
Mar6-09 03:28 AM
3 1,770

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