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    Quantum Chemistry/Mechanics Graduate Study

    Hi all, I've been studying chemical engineering for three years now and will be entering my senior and final year next year. This year I found my quantum chemistry/mechanics course very interesting and enjoyable. I also found that I'm pretty good at it. I feel like I might be more...
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    Enthalpy of Formation

    its possible but you need to use another enthalpy term that accounts for the latent heat which is from the phase transfer of liquid to gas
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    Molar Volume and Molal Volume

    The exact question I have to answer isn't about Molar and Molal volume but I need molal volume to plug into the equation for diffusivity coefficients. I have the molar volume of vitamin E 603cm^3/mol and its MW 430.7 and I need to find its molal volume cm^3/(g*mol) but I'm getting pretty...
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    Thermodynamics Entropy +2nd law problem

    although pressure cannot be specific is this calculation of pressure correcT? what I mean is will the pressure calculated here work for the rest of the problem? also how do I know this is an isentropic process
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    Thermodynamics Entropy +2nd law problem

    thank you very much I got it.
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    Thermodynamics Entropy +2nd law problem

    Homework Statement Propane at 350 degrees Celsius and 600cm^3 / mol is expanded in a turbine. The exhaust is atmospheric. What is the lowest possible exhaust temperature? How much work is obtained? You may assume ideal gas behavior and the heat transfer to the surroundings is negligible...
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    Making money

    to the person saying the real world is a piece of cake you should really think about that, just because your job is so accommodating don't think everyone is so fortunate. Trying working 2 jobs to support your family, and I don't mean office jobs I mean manual labor or construction see how...
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    Thermodynamics Entropy question

    so to get Q i do use the integral of C from 373 to 280 and then i take that and put it over T and do an integral from 373to 280 dT right?
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    Thermodynamics Entropy question

    I worked out a solution let me see what you think(i was thinking something sorta like what you said) I said change in internal = Q and changein internal is the integral from 373 to 280 of the C for copper which is 2.723/8.314(which is R) in my book dT (my book gives C's in Cp/R for some reason)...
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    Thermodynamics Entropy question

    Homework Statement A 10-kg block of copper is initially 100 degrees celsius. It is thrown into a very large lake that is 280K. What is the entropy change of the piece of copper. What is the entropy change of the universe? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know that...
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    Wronskian help I am an idiot! thanks I got it to simplify to 0 now haha sigh.
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    Wronskian help

    Homework Statement take the wronskian of [cos(theta)]^2 and 1+cos(2theta) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution so I set up the determinant [cos(theta)]^2 1+cos(2theta) as my y1 and y2 respectively and -2cos(theta)sin(theta) and -sin(2theta) as my y1 and y2 prime...
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    Thermodynamic pressure/temperature question

    Homework Statement Consider filling a cylinder of compressed argon from a high-pressure supply line. Before filling, the cylinder contains 10 bar of argon at room temperature the valve is then opened, exposing the tank to a 50 bar line at room temperature until the cylinder reaches 50bar...
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    Quality and percent volume

    Homework Statement A rigid container of volume 1 m^3 contains saturated water at 1MPa. If the quality is .10, what is the volume occupied by the vapor. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I wanted to use the equation v=(1-x)(v_l)+x(v_v) where all v's are specific...