Debate: Chemical or Materials Engineering as a Career

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Dear Kind and Knowledgeable Contributors,

I am a graduate student in my first year debating between completing the rest of my PhD. program in Chemical Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering. My university allows me to switch into either field.

I believe I am equally capable in either field, and would derive just as much excitement from them, so I am debating solely about the logistics between the two careers.

For example,
which field has the strongest future,
which one has more compensation per amount of work put in,
which field allows you to climb higher in your career,
which one's easier going/funner workplace =],
which career is more relatively stable (even though ChemE. is declining a little).

Any advice, comments, personal accounts, or rantings are welcomed.


Eng-Tip User.
Chemical Engineering is having a better future. I'm a chemical engineer too. You can even go to Chief Executive Officer level also. But Everything depend on you, your performance and interest.
If you wish more details, please e-mail me to
I'm Thanushka
It depend where you live in for example in an oil countries producer a chemical engineer field will be batter but in European countries Mechanical field will be batter.
Do not forget that chemical engineering field is just a mix between ME and chemistry .
working environment for both of them is almost the same.
It isn't the degree of the two that's important as much as the specific field and your motivation for the type of work.

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