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Hi friends! about metallurgical & materials engineering

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    I'm studying at Physics ,but I am interested in materials engineering,and I want to learn more about M.M.E.in the world. :confused:

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    Physics Forums has an engineering section:

    Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums - Engineering
    Address:https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=98 [Broken]
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    Even more specifically there is a Mat. Eng. Forum.
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    This thread got moved out of General Engineering to GD, but it would be more appropriate in Materials & Chemical Engineering.

    Anyway, marie_curie, what is it that you wish to know about material engineering or materials science.

    Since mankind uses a variety of materials in a variety of products and in a variety of environments, one must know how that material performs - so there is a discipline of materials engineering or science devoted to understanding materials from a microscopic, was well as macroscopic, standpoint.

    In addition to understanding the physical (including thermophysical), mechanical, and chemical (and electrochemical) properties of a material in order to know how it will perform, one must also understand how the material is manufactured. Often, how a material is made will affect how it performs.
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