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    Mechanical advantage of a pulley system

    I don't know how the bottom two pulleys affect the top one. From what I know, the three ropes should have the same tension, the force of the body, divided between them. So if we take top one, it should have that tension on both sides, but also should support the other two pulleys below it. That...
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    B Mechanical Advantage for an Ebike Trailer

    Hello everyone! I am trying to figure out a work load / Pulling ability of trailers for the company I work for. We produce Electric bikes that have attachable utility trailers.. The general Wattage output for these E-bikes is 1000w. The trailers Mechanical advantage = 62.15MA. (WR=11 & AR=...
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    Design of a Lightweight Waterproof (IP 67/68) Winch

    Hello, I am currently designing a lightweight waterproof winch system using off the shelf electrical or hand winches. My problem is that most electric winches that are waterproof are too heavy (design weight limit ~10lbs) and have a much higher force rating than needed (design max force ~500...
  4. BensonCa

    Pizza and level force

    Homework Statement A "peel" is a flat, long-handled shovel that a pizzaiolo uses to slide pizzas into and out of an oven. If a peel is 1.7m long and has a mass of 2.4kg and is carrying a pizza of mass 1.1kg as shown, what force must the pizzaiolo apply with his forward hand to hold the peel...
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    Mechanical advantage of a mountain climber (pulley)

    Hi I have a hard time undersanding the mechanical advantage of this pulley system (in the video below): I understand that when a person is holding you, then the mechanical advantage is 2, because 50% of the weight or Load is on the rope going from the harness to the top left anchor point, and...