moment arm

  1. bardia sepehrnia

    Statics problem (moment and equilibrium)

    1. Having really hard time understanding the concept of moment and equilibrium in statics. In the following picture the man is carrying a 6kg uniform rigid board. I'm asked to calculate the amount of force the man feels on his shoulder. (at point A) Now I know I'm supposed to start by making...
  2. F

    Moment question

    1. Homework Statement part a )50N I cannot answer part b. 2. Homework Equations M=FD 3. The Attempt at a Solution Ok so if both pivots were in contact with the beam I would just equate them with the...
  3. M

    I Can a bicycle be tipped over by only applying rear brake?

    Let's say I'm riding a bike at constant speed. Also assume that the person riding is rigid, no moving of the persons body, constant center of gravity. Assuming that there is sufficient friction between the tires and road. If I apply the front brakes, I will likely tip over. If I apply the...
  4. A

    B Effort Force for a Wheelbarrow

    If you are using a wheelbarrow, the materials in it should be placed to as close as the fulcrum (the wheel) as possible. This is because the load torque of the materials will decrease, and the effort force required to support the wheel barrow will decrease as well, because Torque = Fr. Is this...
  5. x2017

    Trouble Determining Moment Arm (aka Lever Arm)

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations ΣM=Στ 3. The Attempt at a Solution I know how to get the net torque about point P, but I am having difficulty determining where the moment arms for each force should be. I did 9 simpler questions before this no problem, but this diagram is a bit...