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Monty Hall (born Monte Halparin; August 25, 1921 – September 30, 2017) was a Canadian-American game show host, producer, and philanthropist.Hall was widely known as the long-running host of Let's Make a Deal and for the puzzle named after him, the Monty Hall problem.

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  1. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Monty Hall Game Show Problem in Javascript

    The following problem is sometimes called “The Monty Hall Game Show Problem.” You are a contestant on a game show and have won a shot at the grand prize. Before you are three closed doors. Behind one door is a brand new car. Behind the other two doors are consolation prizes. The location of the...
  2. W

    B Monty Hall Paradox: Why Does It Matter What Host Knows?

    Suppose you are participating in a game show, and at one point three doors are presented. It's announced that one of them has a car prize behind it and the other two have a goat, and for you to choose one of the doors. After choosing the host opens one of the other doors and reveals a goat, and...
  3. G

    B Should You Stick or Switch? A Modified Monty Hall Problem

    I modify the Monty Hall problem a bit. Suppose there are 4 doors and behind each door either a goat or a car out of a pool of 2 goats and 2 cars. You choose a door at random and in comes Monty Hall who always opens a door with a goat behind it. He opens just one door for you and asks you if you...
  4. M

    MHB Monty Hall Problem with 4 doors

    You are given 4 doors. Behind 1 door is a car, and behind the others is a goat. You will choose your first door, and the host will reveal another door which has a goat behind it. Then, you can choose to either stay with your choice or switch. Then, the host will reveal a different door...
  5. C

    B The Monty Hall paradox/conundrum

    I understand that there are other threads on this, (e.g. https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/monty-hall-vs-monty-fall.661985/ which gives a thorough account) but they support the proposition that a 'swap' scenario results in a 2/3 win probability rather than the 'intuitive' 50:50 assumption...
  6. R

    Why doesn't the solution to the Monty Hall problem make sense?

    Homework Statement You have 3 doors, with 2/3 chance of being wrong. A host opens a door, and there is no prize. You are now left with two doors. I would like an explanation why the car is still equally likely to be behind any three doors still after the host opens a door. I have a hard time...
  7. J

    I Monty Hall Problem -- Questions

    Monty hall theory(extra). Hi, Im not really a math guy here but more of a logical thinker and this question really confused me because of the way people explain it. Namely i do agree with the fact that taking a wrong door away after the contestant has chosen initially, rises the chance that the...
  8. jk22

    I Can we find a quantum analogue of the Bertrand paradox?

    I considered a quantum version of the problem There is one winning position so the initial state is |100>+|010>+|001> divided by sqrt3 Suppose the presentator opens door 3 the intermediate state is then a mixture Cos a|100>+sin a|010> We suppose finally the player chooses door 2 hence the...
  9. CynicusRex

    I Monty Hall - Multiple solutions via direct calculation?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Hall_problem#Direct_calculation I understand the problem and why it is better to always switch. Now, I want to prove it by myself via a direct calculation. Before I start I wonder if the direct calculation on Wikipedia is the only solution or are there...
  10. L

    Is My Approach to the Monty Hall Problem Correct?

    Yes, Monty Hall again :biggrin: I read many threads and explanations about it, but there is still something I'm not sure about. I would just like to check if the approach I use is correct, so if anyone has enough patience to bear with me... To simplify, let's assume it's 3 boxes, one with a...
  11. K

    MHB Question about haskell ( The Monty Hall problem)

    I just study Haskell. This program is very interesting. I find this question from book. Can you give me some tips and answer? -- We're going to build a simulation of the Monty Hall problem. We'll use -- lists to represent the state of the doors (0 = empty, 1 = prize), so here -- are all the...
  12. Nick666

    How Does the Quantum Monty Hall Problem Challenge Classical Probability?

    So yesterday I saw this video with the monty hall problem, where you have 2 goats and a car each behind a door, each door having 1/3 chance of having the car, we choose door A to win the car, door B with the goat is revealed, so now doors A and C don't have 1/2 chance of having the car as...
  13. E

    Question on the Logic of the Monty Hall Problem

    Consider this example: A player in a game show was asked to choose between three doors, two doors contain a faulty prize, while the other contains a million dollars. As the player wanted the money, he chose one (in this case, the probability of choosing the door with the money is 33.33%). Since...
  14. H

    QBism - Is it an extension of "The Monty Hall Problem"?

    I just watched a video discussion on the modern interpretations of the wave function. In it I was introduced to QBism, i.e. Quantum Bayesianism. To me sounded a lot like the famous Monty Hall problem. Is QBism's probability similar to that?
  15. F

    Maple Monty Hall w/ 4 doors in Maple

    Hi, Iam a new user of Maple and having hard time to figure out what Iam doing wrong. I need to set up Monty Hall simulation problem with 4 doors. Monty will open door twice and give opportunity to the player to switch the door or not. That's what I came up with. Could anyone point out my...
  16. D

    Does Revealing a Real Coin Change Odds in the Modified Monty Hall Problem?

    Hello, I'm sure you are all well familiar with the monty hall problem, so i won't restate it. there is also a similar problem: the Counterfeit coin problem. A reminder of the problem: Assume that you’re presented with three coins, two of them fair and the other a counterfeit that always...
  17. J

    Monty Hall: How Can the Host's Intentions Affect the Outcome of the Game?

    Standard Monty Hall Problem: Contrary to what you may be thinking this is the easy one for me to understand. Once it was explained, the 2/3 odds make perfect sense. The trouble comes with the related "Monty Fall" problem: The probabilities quoted for this are 50% win chance whether you stick...
  18. C

    Why the Monty Hall puzzle is categorically 1/2 and not 2/3rds

    So I was browsing the Wikipedia article concerning The Monty Hall Paradox, and I seem to take great issue with the assumption that switching results in a 2/3 probability of winning a car. (hold on pressed enter by mistake... editing now watch this space) My reasons are as follows (and I don't...
  19. H

    MHB Monty Hall Problem: Maximize Your Chances of Winning a Car

    Are all of these the exact same version of the Monty Hall problem? If so, I don't understand why it's not 50/50 in all cases. If not, I don't understand how these are any different from the Monty Hall problem.
  20. A

    Monty Hall Problem: Understanding the Difference

    I suppose you all know this famous problem. It is pretty clear to me why switching doors is beneficial, but I'm however unable to counter this argument from my friend: What is the difference between having picked a door and then the host revealing a goat, compared to not having picked one and...
  21. S

    Optimizing Your Chances: Solving the Monty Hall Variation | Homework Help

    Homework Statement Original Monty Hall problem: There are 3 doors, 1 of them contains a car and the other 2 goats. You choose 1 door, the host opens a door that is not chosen by you and does not contain the car. Then you can change to the other closed door, or keep your own chosen door at...
  22. M

    Variants of Monty Hall problem

    I have a couple of variants of the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Hall_problem" that I have a hard time to figure out how to handle. What if Monty doesn't have to open the door. All we know is that he is smart. How should we then behave if 1) he wants us to find the car? 2) he does...
  23. E

    Monty Hall Problem is so confusing.

    The Monty Hall problem is so confusing...can anyone explain it to me? :confused: For those of you who don't know what it is: You are invited to a game show in which there are three doors. "A car is behind one of the doors, and the other two doors have monkeys behind them. When you choose a...
  24. L

    Monty Hall Problem: Win by Switching

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Hall_problem This is a game about probability: Say there is three doors. Two goats and a car are hidden behind. Wanting to pick the car, you randomly picked a door. Then the game host open one of the unchoosen door which happened to contain a goat. And...
  25. Q

    Monty hall problem in the movie 21

    Hello. I'm Leo and I Know I probably won't be as welcomed here but ever since I found this place after searching up the Monty hall problem in the movie 21, I was extremely interested in this place and wanted to start learning about Logic, Physics, and math. Although I'm still in Grade 8, and in...
  26. X

    Monty Hall Problem - But with 4 doors and two opportunities to switch

    I had a question regarding a variation of the infamous Monty Hall problem. Assume four doors instead of the standard three. There is still one car and three goats, and of course the objective is to select the door with the highest probability that it is hiding a car. You select a door. The...
  27. L

    Can anyone explain the solution of the Monty Hall problem? (probability)

    The problem comes down to this: At a gameshow there are three doors. Behind two of them there is a goat, and behind one is a car. You pick a door. The gameshow host, who knows where the car is, then opens one door that you didn't pick, but contains a goat. You are then allowed to change your...
  28. Q

    Bertrand's Box Paradox and Monty Hall Problem

    This thing is making me pull my hair out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertrand%27s_box_paradox Can someone give me a good explanation of this? As for the Monty Hall Problem, I think I understand it. This is how I think of it: There is a 1/3 possibility of picking the correct door and 2/3...
  29. SixNein

    Monty Hall Problem: Does Switching Doors Increase Probability?

    The solution is said to be yes, because you have 1/3 probability to stay and 2/3 probability to switch. The answer to this problem has annoyed me to an extent. Why is the host completely ignored as a variable to calculate the probability? I think there is an error in this solution due to the...
  30. Somefantastik

    Something like the Monty Hall Dilemma

    [problem] Three prisoners are informed by their jailer that one of them has been chosen at random to be executed, and the other two are to be freed. Prisoner A asks the jailor to tell him privately which of his fellow prisoners will be set free, claiming that there would be no harm in divulging...
  31. R

    Monty Hall Problem: Probability of Winning When Switching Doors

    The Monty Hall Problem states that during a gameshow, a contestant can choose one of three doors. One of these three doors contains a car, whereas the other two doors contain a gag prize. After selecting your door of choice, the host will open one of the two gag prize doors. At this point, is it...
  32. S

    Monty Hall - a conundrum within a conundrum

    Here are two variations on the Monty Hall question - one where the host knows and one where the host doesn't. There is consensus on the former, but I'm interested in the latter. I'm using playing cards here, but the principle is identical. THE HOST KNOWS The object is to find the...